… This duo arouses the music lover’s devotion wherever they go.

Laura del Castillo

La Tribuna, Cuenca, Spain

Quality music at “Los Jameos”

(…) The interpretation of these two artists overwhelmed the public who filled up the seats of this emblematic Auditorium.

La Provincia, Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Spain

Dúo Scarbó Shines

Continuous melodic lines, musical thoughts that, though fragmented between the two pianos, resound absolutely organically to the ear, calibration of energy, of dramatic tension, unity of concept and interpretation, the Dúo Scarbó has triumphed magnificently over the challenges presented in the repertoire offered (…) the interpretations demonstrated both elegance and temperament (…)

Víctor R. Castro Gómez

El Vocero, Puerto Rico

Sembrich’s four hands sell-out

This was likely the event of the classical chamber music year—extremely interesting music played by stellar musicians.

(…) The program itself was top shelf, offering beautiful and engaging readings, flawlessly executed, of some rather difficult stuff. (…) In five words: Lucky to have been there.

Cathy DeDe

The Chronicle, Glens Falls, New York, EEUU

A masterful musical duo

…The execution and passion evinced by these two exquisitely performers and the technique and control of theri hands and arms were Little short of brilliant.

Peggy Ann Bliss

The San Juan Star, Puerto Rico

From Domestic Piano to Concert Virtuosity

(…) The performers evoked the various orchestral sonorities in a diaphanous interpretation where the different planes were never clumped together (something altogether too frequent in this type of repertoire) (…) Not only in the rhythmic nerve of [Milhaud] but also in the never -cold transparency with which they offered the complex pages of the Rachmaninov, the Dúo Scarbó displayed its outstanding synchronicity and technique with a repertoire of great brilliance. We can only hope that we will hear them again…They deserve it.

Javier Sayas

El Periódico de Aragón, Zaragoza, Spain

Fireworks for Four Hands

A special concert as remarkable concert. (…) In a packed Brahms Hall of the [Detmold] Conservatory of Music the two of them ignited fireworks of four hands, for which the audience thanked them over and over again with thundering applause.

Mostly students attended – with open eyes and ears, seeking glimpses and impressions for their own future. And they must have experienced with full awe how these two pianists  melted into one homogenous sound through an exquisitely cultivated and inspiringly vivacious performance that turned a single grand piano into a whole orchestra or brought two grand pianos into a fascinating unity, sporting at times a sunny seriousness or an intensive pathos with an engaging and somewhat elf-like give and take beween two worlds, a fascinating unit and an exciting dialogue between two poles.

(…) These two pianists elevated these difficult passages to mere attributes of lively music, absent of any virtuostic vanities. (…) the audience’s hands and feet never ceased applauding.

Lippischer Landes-Zeitung, Germany

Re-validation of the Dúo Scarbó

Their recital, dedicated to compositions for four hands, validated once again the impression of pure mastery that was the most outstanding aspect of their previous presentation.

The audience (…) had before it a true team, without cracks or fissures, “a marriage of true minds”, as described the exalted Elizabethan poet to this almost mystic fusion of two subjectivities. For the breathtaking conceptual and interpretative synchronicity which manifests itself in the executions of the Dúo Scarbó does not leave any room for doubt about the congeniality that exists between its members (…) the ladies displayed a singular energy throughout their elocution (…) The performers displayed an amazing technical control (…)

Víctor R. Castro Gómez

El Vocero, Puerto Rico

Our new favorite duo is back to open GF Symphony “Musicbridge”

…Their musicianship, dazzling technique and show-womanship have won the hearts of local fans- and the esteemed deBlastis series invited them back, yet again, to perform…

William Martin

The Chronicle, New York, EEUU

The Elegance of Hammel and Sánchez

Extremely synchronized and equipped with a pianism that could easily transform from vigorous to extremely delicate (…), they have also astonished for their extraordinary confidence which allowed them to execute the entire program by memory, a rare occurrence in piano duo performance (…) Also displaying an extremely careful use of pedal, the two pianists have convinced in every piece, bringing out of the well-attended audience an ever-increasing applause…

L’Arena, Verona, Italy

Delicious European Evening

The child-like playful air [of Poulenc’s Concerto in D Minor for 2 Pianos], percussive and full of beautiful melodies, floated to the surface and shone splendidly in the interpretation of the pianists…. They came across stupendously synchronized and balanced, and yet they also showed evidence of their respective temperaments. The audience received their performance appreciatively…Bravi!

Jorge Martínez Solá

El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico

Duo Scarbó: Four Handed Sensibility

‘Impressive’ can be the adjective used to qualify Wednesday night’s performance of the Duo Scarbó, especially with issues such as coordination at the piano, both technically and musically. And if this were to seem like little, they offered one of the most attractive programs of the recently premiered Contemporary Music Series. …. It was a solemn interpretation, almost mystical, of an awe-inspiring piece of music [Crumb’s Celestial Mechanics]… After numerous applause, the duo delighted us with the Habanera by Xavier Montsalvatge as an encore, in a meticulous interpretation and with great rhythmic feeling, which added a sweet aftertaste to the evening.

Alejandro Delgado

Málaga hoy, Spain

Duo Scarbo, two pianist, shone at Hyde

If you missed Duo Scarbo’s piano performance of the Works of Ravel and Gershwin at the Hyde Museum on July 17, you may have missed the most ensaging concert of the summer. These two exquisite performers were as mesmerizing to watch as they were captivating to hear.

Playing with a passionate ease, Elena Hammel and Laura Sánchez opened the program with oen piano for four hands. In this intimate form, their bodies moved in synchrony with beguiling grace.

(As a novice, I found the brief introductory comments offered about each piece enriched my experience).

(…) Before the last note faded, the audience sprang to a standing ovation

Maureen Dye

The Chronicle, New York, EEUU

The mastery of the wise orator

A pleasant feeling for a concert that turned out to be one of the bests of the season, worth being remembered by the audience.

(…) The two pianists mastered a perfect communication between themselves and with the rest of the orchestra. Accompanying with a precise sound, like in Turtles of The Elephant, the more soloistic passages approached us to a transparent sound, that sometimes sounded like only one piano (…).

Fernando Anaya Gámez

Málaga Hoy, Spain

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